Painting in your studio alone is necessary but it can also get boring. Earlier this year, it became apparent to me that I was in serious need of collaboration. I had to find a way to bring people into my creative process.

Wanting to create a painting series about women and equines, who better to collaborate with than my female equestrian friends, some from back in the day and those I have recently met through social media. I began writing down questions to send out as a questionnaire about horses and our relationship with them.

Many have agreed to answer the questionnaire so far, and I thank you for that. I hope each of you will find this exciting. Please feel free to interact here on this blog or my facebook artist page.

I set a start date of September 15 to begin reviewing all of the questionnaires and see what happens. I have no clue what responses from the questionnaire will inspire a painting. It is like beginning a journey where there is no trail. How exciting.

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This painting was the catalyst for my next series “The Equine in Feminine”. It materialized from one of my experiments using acrylic paint and ink. For a long time it was just a mess of color on the surface and then one day I looked at it and there she was, her profile, her hair, an ear. Then she revealed her shoulders and hips. “What are you doing” I asked. And then it came clear, she was sitting on a horse.

Connection 8x11 acrylic on panel copyright Lanie Frick

8×11 acrylic on panel
copyright Lanie Frick


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Paint on wheels

I love things on wheels in my studio. It allows for spontaneous changes when my creativity is flying.

Great Art Cart

It’s actually a kitchen cart but it works great as an art taboret. It’s solid, rolls easy, and keeps the necessary tools of my trade in easy reach. Got it at a kitchensupply store and it was half the price of simular items from an art supply store. This has been one of my best finds.

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Passages acrylic on panel 8x16

I created this painting for the show “Art, Wine and Chocolate” held last month at Wood Icing Gallery. Submissions had to incorporate some form of wine and chocolate by color, subject, or any other creative means. For my painting, Passages, the chocolate is in the browns and I used a dry white wine for mixing with acrylics.

It won Peoples Choice Award in the show. Many thanks to all that voted.

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Portrait in Transition

I was commissioned to paint this 6×6 inch cat portrait for a customer this past Christmas. Here are the transitions it went through from beginning to end.

Beginning stage of Cat Portrait

I start by toning the surface in a rusty orange wet color. Then the basic shape of the cat is loosly painted with Ultramarine blue and burnt sienna. Now I have my dark areas established.







Mid way through

 Once stage one is dry I paint in the background color. Next step is to paint in the eyes. With lots of lights and colors stroked in, the cat’s coat pattern and shading are showing.







Finished Portrait

For the finish the nose, mouth, whiskers, and eye reflection are added. Signed and varnished it is complete.

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Do you remember sitting in one of these?

This is an old oak school desk that I decorated for my 2-year-old niece.








Going with an under the sea theme I painted coral, sea horses, star fish and butterfly fish on it. Glass beads were added to look like bubbles.








The desk top was really rough with gouges and all kinds of graffiti. Evidence of years in the school system. To smooth the desk top out I sanded it down and applied Wood Icing to fill in the gouges. Made it as smooth as a baby’s butt and easy to finish with chalk paint.








I had a blast painting this for her and she loves it.

Did you have to sit in one of these desks in school? Were you one that decorated it with your own graffiti? Tell me if you dare.


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Do you have a special writing space?

Today I am sharing my writing space with you. This is where I jot down my thoughts and feelings about what I create.

This is where I write about my art and artist life.

 After a full day of creating artwork and some outdoor barn/horse time I am relaxed enough to think about writing. In the solitude of my studio with favorite candle flickering, I settle down into the hand-made cedar rocker and prepare to write for about 30 minutes. As the sounds of nature carry on, my thoughts are laid out with pencil in a composition notebook. I feel the satisfaction of accomplishment.

 Do you have a special writing space? What does it look like?


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Have you been to Wood Icing Gallery in the Chesterfield Mall?

You can see some of my paintings at Wood Icing Gallery in the Chesterfield Mall, Chesterfield, Missouri. Some of my more colorful paintings are there now, like this one.

Trickle Tree Forest



Wood Icing was started in Novemeber 2009 by Rose Wild and her daughter Heather Haymart. It’s a gallery owned by artists, run by the artists for artists. Everyone is supportive and helpful. Besides great artwork by area artists there are classes and demos for people to attend.

I’m excited to be included with the Wood Icing artists. If you’re in the Chesterfield area drop by and view the gallery.

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Art at George Washington Carver National Park

Getting Started

It was a windy overcast April morning to begin Art in the Park at George Washington Carver National Park.   The chilly 36 degree air made for a brisk walk around the hiking trail searching for a subject to paint.  I decided it was best to stay in the woods protected from the wind. 

A lovely dogwood in bloom became the hero for the first painting.   While setting up the easel two owls began hooting to each other through the woods along the creek.   

Most of the painting is established

As morning turned to mid day the clouds began to break up causing the light to change from misty/overcast to cascading warm light.  Fortunately there was enough time to capture the cool spring atmosphere before the light changed too much.  Finishing touches will be ompleted in the studio.


The next morning proved to be much nicer.  A footbridge cossing the creek by the

My view for the second painting

 old  Carver Homestead served as the painting for the day.  I was able to get most of the structure, light emphasis and movement established before heading home. 


Because this park is part of our National Parks system these paintings are eligible for  Paint the Parks.  I plan to enter at least one if not both of these in the competition when finished. 

 George Washington Carver National Park is a lovely place with a museum is full of Carver’s history and artwork.  He was a prolific painter as well as an inventor.  Here is one of his wonderful quotes; “My paintings are my soul’s expression of its yearning and question in its desire to understand the work of the great creator.” 

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March Lions or Lambs

Brown Face Sheep 4x6 acrylic on paper

You’ve heard the saying, “in like a lion, out like a lamb”.  The Farmers Almanac say’s it’s more of a rhyme than a weather predictor. 

White Sheep 4x6 acrylic on paper

Around here March came in like a lamb and went out like a lamb but it was one of the coldest March’s on record.  Without concious thought I painted sheep on the first day of March and the last day of March.  No Fooling.

These are quick warm-up paintings I like to do just for fun.  Fun shapes, fun colors and a fun subject.

What did March bring for you in your area?

Black Sheep 4x6 acrylic on paper

Brown Ram 4x6 acrylic on paper

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