Office Transformation

Through the SmArtist Telesummit, Jennifer Hofmann provided a  work book to help sort out what office changes needed to take place and how to create a space that would support and encourage working in that space.   The tasks in the work book is intuitive based which really bring out some interesting results.  It was enlightening  and suprising for me.  Enlightening was wanting more color in my office.  I combined this with the need to get rid of all the visible paper.  Suprising was that I wanted a lava lamp in my office.  I’ve never wanted one before, never had one before, never even thought about one before.  Something about needing movement in my office space triggered it. 

After finishing the work book I dove in making necessary changes and here are the results.  I love my office now and even starting to enjoy doing the office work.

No more piles of paper.

The cabinets are moved and I can get into them.

I’m into lights so hung a strip of rope light under cabinets.  Using colored storage folders to hold bills and other important papers.  Notice the lava lamp.  I also know where everything is now.

Nice new file cabinet that is easy to open.

Clear workspace for putting portfolios together.

Found some colored magazine holders and they work great for containing extra notebooks.


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I am a student of spirituality, admirer of nature, observer of animal behavior, and lover of horses. It is from this deep well of inspirat
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